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 Kumul Lodge is a great destination for those with an interest in New Guinea history and culture. Apart from the beautiful countryside with waterfalls and wooded mountains the local villages provide a fascinating insight into a unique way of life still following very much a  traditional life style. New farming initiatives such as coffee growing show how things are slowly changing. Village orchid gardens are a new sideline and the one at Kumul Lodge is well worth a look.

 A traditional earthhole meal (Mumu) can be arranged on the grounds of the Lodge. Please contact reception for date and pricing.

 Bus transport to other sightseeing places can be arranged. Please contact the Reception for transport cost and tour guide

Anji Walya and Village 

11 kilometres driving time from Kumul Lodge / 2,311 metres - 6,933 feet

If you would like to experience village life close up the it is possible to arrange a safe and enjoyable village stay here. Sing-sings (traditional dancing) can be arranged and you can take part in a face -painting ceremony.  The ubiquitous locally handmade, woven string-bags or bilums are available for purchase. Visit the village market and the local gardens where  sustainable organic farming methods are used to provide food for the village.

Other activities that can be carried out in this area include:

Visiting the Cane Bridge Crossing / Caves / Limestone area

Bird Watching at lower altitudes

Picnicking at  the Torrent Water Fall

Searching for frogs / insects / butterflies

Looking at flying foxes

Visiting the local orchid gardens.


Guided Walya / Anji Village Cultural Experience Tour inclduing Dancing (including transfers)


Per dressed / per visitor K50.00


Overnighting in Anji Village with a local family in their village house (local meals and transfers from / Kumul Lodge are included)


Per Visitor and per day  K100.00  


Tonga Area 

15 kilometres driving time from the Kumul Lodge / 1,817 metres - 5,451 feet 

Tonga is the 3rd largest village in the area. It has the Rural Health Centre and the Community School. The local market offers goods from around  the local area. The impressive Tonga Waterfall can be seen from the roadside.

Lai River / Mambis Area

23 kilometres driving time from the Kumul Lodge / 1,524 metres / 4,572 feet

Here we find the Rural Hospital which can cater for Kumul Lodge Visitors. It is the 5th largest village in the area and has the Pioneer High School.


Hospital Sign Lai Mambis

The mighty Lai River is the largest river in the Enga Province with the longest bridge in the area. It flows through the wild Lai River Gorge and cliffs. There are a number of river village communities which practice substantive organic farming along the Lai River


Kama area

30 kilometres driving time from Kumul Lodge / 1,706 metres - 5,119 feet

The official local airstrip can be found at Kama. Here coffee is farmed in areas overlooking the Lai River valley. There is a community market and bilums are made and sold here.


The Road to Kama

Limand  Area

This is the site of the official provincial airstrip and is the district headquarters of the Wapenamanda area. Visits to the local coffee processing factory can be arranged. It is the site of the oldest Mission stations to be found locally.